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1 year ago @ 6:32PM

Easy Fundraising Opportunity For Sport Of Your Choice

Athletic Booster Club Volunteer Payout Program

Here’s a GREAT opportunity to earn money for your favorite Port team!

There are approximately 325 volunteer opportunities for parents during the 2016-17 sports seasons.  This year the Athletic Booster Club is trying a new program to get more parents involved and give cash rewards directly to the team of choice!    In a nutshell, parents will be able to pick one sport each time they volunteer, and $15 will go directly into that sport’s Fund 21 Account. 

How it works

  • Sign up to volunteer in the concession stand. (See directions below.)

  • Show up to the concession stand on the day and time in which you signed up.

  • In the concession stand there will be an attendance verification sheet.Sign your name and pick your sport that you want the money to directly benefit.

  • Work your shift and the Athletic Booster Club will put the money into your sport’s account!


  • Money will be given for parent volunteers only.Student volunteers can use the hours for the Port Pride Program.

  • Parents will have to choose on the attendance verification sheet if they want the payout or the Parent Port Pride hours…no double dipping!

  • Each time you volunteer, you can pick the same sport or a different sport.

  • There is no limit to the number of times you volunteer, and you can volunteer for any sport.

  • You can volunteer during any season for any sport.

  • You do NOT have to be an Athletic Booster Club member to volunteer.


I am a parent of a boy on the P.W.H.S. Boys Swim Team.  I log onto the volunteer site and sign up myself and my spouse to work a football game.  We go to the concession stand (Volunteers get in free!), sign in, and mark down “swimming” after both our names.  We work our shift in the concession stand AND $30 dollars goes directly to the P.W.H.S. Boys Swim Team.

How to sign up

  • From the Port Washington High School “home” page, click on the Activities/Athletics dropdown tab near the top of the page.

  • Click on Athletics.

  • This will take you to the Port Washington Athletics page.

  • Click on Boosters, which is near the top on the black bar.

  • Click on the white Volunteer tab.

  • See all the Fall sport volunteer opportunities listed by date.

  • Pick the date/sport you want, and click on Sign Up.

Direct Link:

We are hopeful that the volunteer payout program will fill our need for volunteers while continuing to support Port athletics.

THANK YOU in advance for your support.

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