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Port Washington high school



Port Washington high school


Port Washington high school

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2019-20 Sport Start Dates

2019-20 Athletic Start Dates.pdf

Check out the start dates of each athletic activity through out the 2018-19 school season!!!

2019-20 Life of a Pirate Activities Code Handbook

2019-20 Activities Code with WIAA Bulletin.pdf

2019-20 Required Athletic Participation Forms

2019-20 Required Atheltic Forms Pack.pdf

2018-19 Required Athletic Participation Forms

2019-20 Student Accident Insurance Enrollment

2019-20 Student Insurance Enrollement Form.pdf

For seeking an Accident Insurance option, this form is available for enrollment.

2019-20 Student Accident Insurance Brochure

2019-20 Enrollment Guide Student Insurance1.pdf

If your family does not have accident insurance, this brochure will provide you with an alternative insurance option.

2019-20 Student Accident Insurance Online Enrollment

2019-20 Online Enrollment Link.htm


2018-19 Concussion Parent-Athlete Agreement.pdf

Concussion Awareness Information for Athletes

Athlete Information.pdf

Athletes...Please read and review prior to signing the concussion agreement form.

Concussion Awareness Information for Parents/Guardians

Parent Information.pdf

Parents...Please read and review prior to signing the concussion agreement form.

Field Trip Parental Permission Form

Field Trip Permission Form.docx

Alternate Transportation Form

Transportation Waiver Form.docx

Transportation to and from athletic events is provided by the school district. In the event of an emergency or rational deemed apropriate by the Athletic Director 24 hours in advance, this form may be used for securing alternate transportation.

Banned Athletic Enhancement Supplements

performance enhancers.pdf

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

Benefits of Extra Curricular Activities.pdf

Parent Resources #1

Parent Internet and Other Resources.docx

Internet resources for parents providing educational information related to drugs and alcohol.


Live Streaming
Watch some of your favorite sports here LIVE or on Demand

North Shore Conference Website
Keep up to date with all the action taking place throughout the North Shore Conference

Community Service
Character Counts provides our student athletes with an opportunity to secure volunteer hours by giving back to our community. Community Service hours can be used to reduce “Demerit” points and can be used toward the Port Pride program.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Wisconsin Sports Network

National High School Federation of Sports

Character Counts

Role of the Parent in Sports - Free Course

Athletic Recruitment

Athletic Recruitment #2

What Parents should say when their child performs
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