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Team News.

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:12AM by Nate Hinze

Regional Information vs Sheboygan Falls - 10/19/2020

Please read THIS DOCUMENT for information regarding our first round game vs Sheboygan Falls. A few changes:

  • Admission will be collected at the gate. $6 per person or $1 for children under 1. 
  • Fans are still limited to 2 per player
  • Lawn chairs are encouraged to help practice social distancing. 


Team News

5 months ago @ 12:27PM

Cedarburg Spectator Guidelines

Please read before our game tomorrow at Cedarburg! 

Cedarburg High School Soccer Spectator Expectations


Time:     5:00 PM – JV Game

                7:00 PM – Varsity Game


  • Athletes/Coaches/Officials will enter through the West gate along the parking lot. 
  • Home spectators will enter through our North gate where our stadium entrance is located. 


Spectating Guidelines:

  • Due to social distancing efforts, and in accordance to the North Shore Conference guidelines, only individuals with a school issued Spectator Pass (2 per Student- Athlete) will be allowed entry to the game. 
  • Pass must remain within immediate family use only.
  • JV Spectators will be allowed to enter the stadium at 4:45PM.  All JV Spectators will need to exit the stadium upon conclusion of the JV game.
  • Varsity spectators will not be able to enter until the conclusion of the JV game and the JV spectators have exited (around 6:45).  Please wait in your cars until this time.
  • Due to capacity, spectators from visiting teams will not be able to attend JV & varsity matches.
  • Our bleachers have been pre-marked to show distanced seating.  We ask that spectators space themselves out as much as possible and sit on these marks.
  • We ask that all spectators wear a mask when entering/exiting/ and when they are unable to maintain social distancing with members outside of their immediate family. 
  • The varsity match will be livestreamed for those who cannot be at the game.  The link to this address can be located at:


We follow these guidelines for the safety of all and to help our athletes have the opportunity to compete.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts on this matter!

Team News

4 months ago @ 1:28PM by Philip Nawrocki

Senior Night Tonight 10/6/2020

Port Soccer Fans,


Tonight, is SENIOR NIGHT! Come honor our seniors at Thomas Jefferson Middle school for our 7pm match against West Bend East.  Please practice social distance for a healthy and safe environment for all fans.

At half time we will be honoring our seniors and their parents.  Please come and show your appreciation for the seniors and their commitment to our soccer program.  

All our player will be wearing "Gold Shoelaces" in support of pediatric cancer.  We want to bring awareness to the fact that all our athletes are lucky enough to be healthy to play a sport.  Many of their peer group do not get that opportunity. Please support this worthy cause with any donation you are willing to give at the ticket counter to help these kids.  We thank you for your support. 

Let’s have a great Senior Night!!!!

Go Pirates!

Coach Nawrocki

Team News

5 months ago @ 9:44AM by Nate Hinze

9/30 VARSITY START TIME CHANGE & JV Spectator Guidelines

Tomorrow's game @ Homestead will start at 5:00 pm. Varsity and JV will be playing at the same time. Please see the message from Homestead below. 

The JV game will be played on the field directly to the North of the game field.  Spectators for the JV game will need to bring their own chairs and they will sit on the North sideline.  There will be white marks on the grass indicating where they should sit to stay socially distanced.  Thank you!

Team News

5 months ago @ 9:14AM by Nate Hinze


Good Morning! 

We are happy to announce that we have a soccer team store! Due to the shortened season, and a delay in getting the store set up, the close date is SEPTEMBER 28.

Please place your order and show that Pirate Pride! 

Team News

5 months ago @ 7:24PM by Philip Nawrocki

Boys Soccer-information and update

Parents and players,


Thanks to all that were able to attend the parent meeting on Friday.  It was great to see so many people and the dedication to the soccer program.  Below please see the information that we went over if you were unable to attend.


Your attendance policies for players. Players must be verified in each class to patriciate in training or games.  If any player is unverified, they will not be allowed to practice or play a in a game and will be sent home.

Game Attendance for spectators:

Tickets - each player will get 2 tickets only. These tickets will be good for home and away events (if host schools are allowing visiting spectators.) We are the only school I’m currently aware of that is not allowing visiting spectators.  You will need your ticket for away games.  All game tickets were sent home with the players today 9/14/20.


Bus rides- there will be assigned seating, loading the bus back to front with assigned seating for the season.  All player must be masked, windows will be down no matter the weather (dress for the worst). Player will be assigned to the same set all season. We have four away games.

All away games will have the bus pick-up at the High School in front of the main entrance.

Parents are allowed to and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to drive their students to and from games if they complete an alternate transportation form. PARENTS/GUARDIANS my only transport THEIR SON. No cousins, friends, god sons, etc.


The school highly encourages the boys to go home after their game, especially the JV team.

The bus schedule is posted under “Files” on the soccer page.

Game Procedures:

All player must have a mask.  While on the bench, pregame talks and post-game talks all players must be masked.  Social distancing will be enforced always but especially on the bench.  Game balls will be sanitized by ball boys.  Hand sanitizer is high encouraged.

Player expectations:

I always expect each player to give their best effort.  Effort and a good attitude will help the program progress and will allow all of us to thrive.  Team first before “me”.  Honor system for exposures to COVID 19, think of your team, their family, and your friends…Safety first!!! 

Advocate for yourself.  If you have an issue with anything, please speak to your coach.  Matt and I are very approachable and are open to hear from you guys.  You are always able to speak to either of us no matter what team you were assigned to, we are a soccer program, not individual teams.

Northshore conference COVID protocol is posted to the “files” tab on the soccer page.


Essays and interviews. Simply life skills for the players trying to get a captain spot.  Just like real life...applying for a job and then interviewing for it.  

Picture Day:

Picture day is September 18th, this Friday, at 3:30pm. We will be taking them at the stadium at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.


I would like to do the Lace it Up Program.  Lace it Up is a fundraiser for pediatric cancer.  I think it is fitting to do something for their peer group… that are unfortunate ones enough to get cancer.  We should be thankful that we are healthy and playing a game.  Not all kids can. We would purchase gold shoelaces from them ($5-$7/pair, hopefully purchasing one and then donating the same amount) and wear them at our home games.  I will get a count from the boys Wednesday and get them ordered.

GAME 9/15/20 at Nicolet:

Nicolet will host Port Washington in Boys Soccer (JV-5pm/V-7pm) on Tuesday this week at Nicolet High School (originally scheduled at Uihlein...Uihlein is currently closed).

All spectators should enter the home side of the stadium and must have a JV pass to get into the JV match and a Varsity pass to get into the V match.  The stadium will be cleared out immediately following the JV match so the Varsity spectators can be admitted.  All spectators must remain in the bleachers on their designated side.


I think that is all for now…although I have the nagging feeling I’m forgetting something.  Stay tuned as we are always subject to change this season. 

Quick side note: We are playing the school I graduated from and coached at for many years.  Fitting for my first game as a head coach.  Guys go out there and show the conference what Port can do.  I keep my fingers crossed that it is not the case, but every game could be our last of the season and we should play that way.  I want us to do our best and winning is the goal!  Work hard, be proud, be confident and represent yourselves, your family, and your school.

Go Pirates,


Coach Nawrocki

Team News

5 months ago @ 12:46PM

September 15 Game @ Nicolet

Please read the following information in regards to our soccer game @ Nicolet on September 15. All athletes are allowed 2 spectators to events. Passes will be distributed at practice on September 14th. 

Nicolet will host Port Washington in Boys Soccer (JV-5pm/V-7pm) on Tuesday this week at Nicolet High School (originally scheduled at Uihlein...Uihlein is currently closed).

All spectators should enter the home side of the stadium and must have a JV pass to get into the JV match and a Varsity pass to get into the V match.  The stadium will be cleared out immediately following the JV match so the Varsity spectators can be admitted.  All spectators must remain in the bleachers on their designated side.

Nicolet is working on live streaming and delayed streaming options for home athletic events.  More on that will be forthcoming.

Team News

6 months ago @ 2:58PM by Philip Nawrocki


Players and parents,

Tryouts will begin on September 7th and run through the 10th.  We will be in the back of Thomas Jefferson Middle School next to the soccer stadium.  Tryouts will begin promptly at 3:00pm and will run through 5pm Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday we will likely be ending tryouts earlier to assign teams and have the opportunity to speak with each player that tried out.  

Please remember to bring your own water...make sure you have enough.  Also, please bring a black, white and green shirts so that we can organize tryouts.  Shin-guards & a mask are required and of course cleats are recommended.  

Athletic paperwork for soccer.    It is due Friday, September 4th by 3pm to be eligible to practice on Monday.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  If your child shows up at practice on Monday and they are still missing forms, they will be sent home.  Coaches are not allowed to collect any paperwork and the school is closed on Monday for Labor Day, so no paperwork will be collected before practice.


Links to paperwork:


Physical forms/Trainer forms:

Activity Code Exam:


Handbook—to take exam:


I'm looking forward to the season.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at


Go Pirates,

Coach Nawrocki

Team News

6 months ago @ 9:20AM by Philip Nawrocki

Pre-season- Get your forms in!

Parents and players,


All athletic forms are due by FRIDAY, September 4th at 3pm.  If you wait until September 7th, you will not be able to practice the first day of tryouts!  The athletic office will be closed due to Labor Day so please get everything in by September 4th so not to interrupt tryouts.

Also, to prepare for the season please provide a white, black, and green shirt for your soccer player (they do not need to be Port Washington gear. The color is most important).  Due to COVID restrictions we cannot share pennies and all training gear should be washed after every practice or game.  It is important that all players have all three colors with them at practice so that we can still do activities that we would typically use pennies for.  In addition to t-shirts please make sure you have a mask and hand-sanitizer.  

The WIAA has released info on restriction for games and rules for social distancing that I will make sure all our student athletes understand and follow.  It will become routine… there are no big changes that will not be easy to adapt to. 

I’m looking forward to the season and I hope your all getting in shape so that we can dive right into soccer because we have no time to waste with a shorter season.

Stay safe and Go Pirates,


Coach Nawrocki

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:43AM by Philip Nawrocki

Boys soccer fall season Update

Players and Parents,


I just wanted to give you all a short message to keep in communication.  First off there is no change to our season so far except for losing some games due to cancellations and a late start.  As of now our season looks like this (minus game times):

Tue. 09/15/20- Nicolet, Away@ Uihlein Soccer Park                        

Thu. 09/17/20- West Bend West, Home-Thomas Jefferson Middle School                             

Tue. 09/22/20 -Cedarburg, Away @ Cedarburg High School                                 

Thu. 09/24/20- Grafton, Home-Thomas Jefferson Middle School                                             

Wed. 09/30/20- Homestead, Away @ Homestead High School              

Tue. 10/06/20-West Bend East, Home-Thomas Jefferson Middle School                                            

Thu. 10/08/20-Whitefish Bay, Home-Thomas Jefferson Middle School                                            

Tue. 10/13/20-Hartford Union High School, Away @ Hartford Union High School                       

Thu. 10/15/20-Slinger, Home-Thomas Jefferson Middle School    

VARSITY Only below:                                         

Tue. 10/20/20 - WIAA Playoffs, Away @ WIAA   

If there are any more changes between now and our WIAA start date of September 7th, I will let you know by posting here.  If your reading this on the JV page, please look at VARSITY news for full program information. 

Players keep getting in shape! We will not have a ton of time this season, so we need to concentrate our efforts on technical and tactical skills for game success.  We won’t have as much time to just focus on fitness (although many of my training sessions have fitness worked into our technical and tactical training worked into them) so please be in shape if you expect to thrive. 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.


Go Pirates!


Coach Nawrocki

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:06AM by Philip Nawrocki


Players and parents,


We will be meeting at 6:30 by the soccer fields at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.  The meeting should be brief...I don't anticipate it taking more than a half hour.  Again this is more of a meet and greet and we will try to field as many questions as possible but we are at the will of whatever the WIAA decides for our season.

Can't wait to meet everyone tonight!

Stay safe,


Coach Nawrocki

Team News

7 months ago @ 5:13PM by Philip Nawrocki

UPDATE-The fall season is coming

Players and parents,


The WIAA has issue a new start date for our season at noon today (7/23/20).  We now cannot start our season until September 7th.  We must by WIAA rules, have a week of contact prior to games starting.  This will inevitably push-off our season some and possibly cause some game cancellations. 

We will still be having an all program meeting on Tuesday July 30th at 6:30-7 pm.  I plan to have us meet outside either on the football stands or on the soccer field.  Of course, this is weather depending and I like to be outside so that we can safely socially distance during the meeting.  All players please attend if you are able to.  Please keep in mind that I may not have many answers for you at the meeting due to being at the will of the WIAA but at a minimum I can meet the players and they can meet Matt and I.

We will not be having our 5 allowed contact days this season due to the COVID restrictions.  I will continue to update everyone as soon as I learn more.

I hope all is well and everyone is staying safe. 


Go Pirates,

Coach Nawrocki

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:23AM

The fall season is coming

Players and Parents,

We are right around the corner of the start of our season.  COVID dependent of course, we are closely monitoring the Wisconsin States guidelines for reopening and keeping our soccer players safe and healthy. 

Assuming all goes right we need to be prepared.  Unfortunately I do not know the team.  With that said, I need a couple boys to set up and become leaders for some captains practices. I do not want any captain practice to go against State health guidelines.  I think if we had two to three a week would be appropriate so we can organize who can come on what day to keep numbers at 10 players for an hour.  Since these are captain practices I can not be present or coach but I can help organize it.  Please contact me at if your interested in leading this program. 

I uploaded a Boucher about a preseason soccer camp coming up.  Its called; Boys High School Super Camp.  I have coached it for years along with other coaches that are some of the best in the State.  Coach Bob Gansler a former US National Team Coach (Google him) has been a guest coach there for the past decade or so. Besides great coaches most teams in the Northshore conference attend and many from outside the conference.  Playing and seeing our completion before the season is a great motivator for our hardwork in training that is coming.  It's a great experience and high encouraged to attend if your able.  I would love to make Port more of a presence and let the other teams know that we are coming for them :)

If you haven't started already get in shape!  If you plan to make varsity you should be able to do about a six minute mile.  I also high encourage push-ups (at least 20 at a time as many sets as you can do), burpees (10 at a time, 3 sets), planks (for a minimum of a minute) and sit-ups/crunches (3 sets of 40-50 reps).  In addition soccer in not a continuous same pace game.  We sprint, jog and walk.  So include that into your workouts.  For example, sprint a city block, jog a block and walk a block and repeat. All this direction falls on each player to take responsibility for their fitness so that as a team and program we are strong. Do it for yourself and you teammates!  Trust me when I say you want to be in shape before tryouts.

With try-outs mentioned we are still setting the date for that start based on restrictions.  I will update you all asap on dates.  I will also let you know the dates of the 5 contact days the WIAA allows the coaches to have exposure to their teams.  Those practices will not have any determination on who makes what team! We will simply play small sided games, a bit of conditioning and scrimmage if numbers are good. 

More updates to come.  Please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to field them.  Please be patient with me as I learn the Port Washington system.  I am very excited for our season and coaching a positive hard working program. 

I hope everyone is staying healthy and I hope all is well.

Go Pirates,

Coach Philip Nawrocki
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